Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tenant Without a Lease
.........FOR 4-YEARS?

The Ogden Housing Authority requires that a copy of all newly executed leases be sent to their agency, to be kept in the tenant's file.  In fact, the Ogden Housing Authority is so anal about this requirement, that if they do not receive a copy within 24 hours of execution, they waste no time in contacting me to get it.

Per Program rules, the Ogden Housing Authority also requires you to send them copies of any legal notices served, such as Pay or Quit and eviction notices, so they can be placed in the tenant's file.

In 2007, Kier Management placed a tenant in unit #4 at my building. The tenant was apparently transferred from the Marion Hotel (another Kier managed property), to mine.

Over the next 2-years, the tenant had no end of trouble trouble paying his portion of the rent on time, and Kier initiated eviction proceedings against him on several occasions, with copies sent to the Ogden Housing Authority as required, to be included in the tenant's file.

In going through the tenant's file in 2011,
I noticed that there was no lease for him

Assuming that this was just another, in a growing list of Kier screw-ups, I contacted their attorney and asked that he instruct his client to turn over the tenant's lease to me. 

The response that I received, said that the originals had been given to me when our contract ended, which was untrue. 

The response went on to say that they had also contacted the Ogden Housing Authority to obtain their copy, but they didn't have it either.... Guess why?

In speaking with the tenant, I discovered why both Kier and the Ogden Housing Authority did not have a copy of his lease.... Kier Management never bothered to execute one with him... 

...which would have been impossible, because the Ogden Housing Authority doesn't have a separate set of rules that they allow Kier Management to operate under... Right?

I repeatedly asked the Ogden Housing Authority for an explanation as to how this could have happened, and how they could have missed it for 4-years, but they just ignored my requests, as if I had never made them.... After all, that's not a situation that you can easily lie your way out of.
They were clearly caught...
why not respond and preserve some degree of integrity?
 "If you ignore correspondence, it's the same as not receiving it"
the Ogden Housing Authority    



Because the Ogden Housing Authority permits Kier Management to pick and choose the rules that they wish to follow, they had absolutely no idea that a lease had never been executed with this tenant, because they never required Kier Management to provide a copy of his excited lease and likely failed to require Kier to provide copies of the notices when evictions were initiated against him 

I ultimately ended up evicting this tenant for habitually violating the terms of his lease ... 
Oh crap!!  what lease?!?!
In retaliation, he slaughtered his cats one night and then called to tell me about it. 
He still owes me close to $4,000 which he has never paid


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