Friday, February 20, 2015

HUD Refuses Protection Voucher After Causing Foreclosure

The Ogden Housing Authority's corruption caused me to lose everything.  My house and my building were both lost to foreclosure, because after at least 5-years of looking the other way for Kier Management, the Ogden Housing Authority couldn't give me a few more months to make some repairs.

Today, April 9, 2015, I sent this letter to everyone at HUD who was involved in this process, asking them for a protection voucher, like the ones they gave to my tenants, so I wouldn't be homeless when the sheriffs come to lock me out of my home.  I wonder if they will even respond.

It's mind boggling, that in this country, it's against the law to take your own life, but it's not against the law for the Federal Government to take your life from you.



Well, at least HUD's computer knows about this now, but I can tell you from past experience, the ONLY course of action HUD takes, is to do nothing.


I received this reply from Anita Short this afternoon. Evidently, she misunderstood my request. I wasn't asking HUD for a protection voucher as an individual who lost his home through foreclosure. I was asking as a person who was fast tracked into foreclosure by the corrupt Ogden Housing Authority.
Anita is the HUD employee who called to tell me that the Ogden Housing Authority was not abating my payments... after they started abating my payments.  Click Here to hear Anita's voicemail message to me.  I wouldn't expect anything less in the form of a reply from her. Still waiting for replies from the other four recipients.

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